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How H2G Started

The Power of Habit

We Know 

Many entrepreneurs and professionals like you who have BIG GOALS and even BIGGER DREAMS you want to accomplish to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF

We also know too many like you who have struggled with what to do, and how to do it effectively. 

So in 2021 we came together at the 120 Conference with people of all ages, many between 25-55. They were: 

  • seasoned professionals and emerging entrepreneurs
  • dissatisfied with their current life path 
  • could see the glass ceiling, and
  • did not want to settle for less than their best life

However, before joining Habit2Greatness and learning our systems to master their choices and habits, they: 

  • lacked clarity, confidence, and consistency in their daily lives, and  
  • didn’t know where to start to make a significant change;
  • had too much on their plate
  • no accountability, and
  • didn't know what how to finish to what they started to make a meaningful difference.

Sound Familiar? 

You probably know somebody like this, whose habits are inconsistent with the life that they say they want, and they are completely out of alignment with their goals and their dreams and probably don't even know it, or know what to do about it. 

We thought, "Maybe they need someone to help them". Maybe that person is you.


You're in the right place with no time to waste. Schedule a FREE call with our coaches to see if H2G is right for you!

What We Do

H2G is here to support YOU! We promise to show up for ourselves, and for you! Each of our dedicated coaches and community members is invested in doing the work and showing the work it takes to create and live a free and fulfilling life. We also make it a HABIT to celebrate our wins, every day, every step of the way! 

What's In It for You?

Clarity, confidence, and learning to implement practical solutions to be consistent.  With our Coaching Plan, we'll develop your vision and create a written plan for you to execute at your best! 

Plus, you'll become a part of H2G Nation, our accountability community & network of diverse individuals, all on their own lifestyle mastery journeys with us. 

Join the community

H2G Nation is a diverse community of coaches, consultants, seasoned professionals and emerging entrepreneurs who have committed to applying a few simple, practical, time-saving, and life-changing habits to achieve greatness. In our Facebook community you will find H2G members on the path to personal success, freedom, and fulfillment who will assist and support you in your daily journey to create winning habits, a winning culture, and a winning lifestyle! Subscribe and get started with us today!

What They're Saying

After leaving my lead leadership role at a healthcare nonprofit I was seeking structure, community and deeply reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish with the next stage of my life.

I have modeled accountability and consistency for my wife and children. I was inspired to successfully launched a new business in under a month. Finally I gained a community focused on positive change, all moving forward purposefully in pursuit of their hopes and dreams.

I found the structure of committing to habits and reflecting on winds every day to be very helpful in staying on track with my goals. I also like the aspect of getting positive feedback as I reach my goals and overcoming challenges that I shared with the group.

-Terrence Brown

Before joining the H2G accountability program, I was struggling with staying consistent and focused on my goals. I would easily stray from tasks and allow myself to get distracted.

My initial impression when starting was that I felt like this was home. I felt I had finally found the structure and support system I so desperately needed, and accountability was no longer going to be an issue.

My life has improved in many ways. I have learned the importance of counting daily wins - big or small - and understand how forming and maintaining productive habits contribute to achieving bigger goals. I have also become more consistent and intentional about what I do on a daily basis. I realize the importance in severing ties with the things or behaviors that do not serve me or my vision, and focusing on things that do. Joining H2G has helped bring all of this to light, and has given me a forever family that I know will continue to support, encourage and correct me!

-Sarah Galligan

I was struggling to start anything new, was buried under a mound of unfinished everything and I was so unhappy with not knowing how to change.

My first impressions were that everyone was so welcoming and nice! I overheard people wanting accountability for some of the same things that I was trying to grasp a hold of as well. That was the comfort factor I needed to be able to truly dive in!

My entire life has changed! In the sense of my mindset, my perspective, my heart posture towards myself even! I have a love for myself I can't say I've ever had before. I know what my values are and I've created an ever evolving plan to grow. I'm looking into starting several different income streams! My children and I are closer! My entire life has changed to a winning position, to top that off I've also found my tribe of which I get to celebrate those wins with everyday!

-Danielle Golden

Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Results.

Start your H2G experience with this 3 part lifestyle mastery makeover. All-In-One: Accountability, Individual Coaching, and Mastermind Group. Join the Community. Meet the Coaches. Master your Vision and Action Plan.

More Testimonies from the Community

Before joining the H2G program I was struggling to remain consistent in striving towards daily and long term goals.

When I first started the accountability program my initial impression was “how can I open up to a group of people I barely know and share my struggles?” But since then this community has been nothing but supportive in my dreams and aspirations. When I fall short they give me the encouragement to continue pressing forward and comfort me by understanding there will be bumps along the road. We have to continue reconditioning ourselves to the new habits we are trying to develop while unlearning old ways.

Since joining the accountability program my life has changed for the better. I’ve noticed a change in myself, and my wife has noticed the daily efforts I put forth in an attempt to become a better man for her and our family. My spiritual practices are not only developing, but are also becoming more present in all of my personal and business relationships.

-Rob Galligan

I am a finisher now and I am able to push though distractions to get the job done. The daily habits I now have in my toolbox since joining the program have change my life forever.

-Jarrett Maiben

The Truth

You don’t have the time to waste. Time is your most valuable resource. You also have your legacy to consider. Do you want to create something different for you and your family, better than what was modeled for you? Do you want to help their children live a better lifestyle, and help the other people you love and care about. You can spend a lifetime trying to figure out what we can teach you in 3 months or less! Are willing to invest in yourself to save time, money, and years of wasted effort?